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Choose from our favorite Summer Specials or visit your local store to try over 100+ different tea blends. 

Summer Menu

Tidal Wave

Watch out! Serious flavor is on the horizon!! Cherry notes crash into your heart as the creamy milk takes them right back out to shore!


Pool Party

You’re invited!!! Strawberries, coconuts, and oranges have all invited you, so grab your thirst and jump right in!


Life Preserver

The summer sun have you feeling drained? Time to grab this Life Preserver!!! This layered fruity tea is promised to have you feeling refreshed and ready to embrace the heat!


Summer Bod

Who needs the gym when you have matcha?! This fruity watermelon pleaser is enhanced with matcha to get you summer bod ready!


Sun Burn

SPF resistant! Pineapple notes are promised to sweeten your pallet while the heat at the end will give your tastebuds a little tingle.


Mermaid Water

Something even the mermaids are in awe of! Grab this grape treat and get your siren on!


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